Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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Welcome to the Summer Abroad of your dreams! Below you will find all of the information necessary to prepare for your “Trip of a Lifetime.” We suggest that you read it all thoroughly so you have a good understanding of what to expect.

General Information about Brazil:

Brazil is a stable and friendly country and travel there is safe and enjoyable. The Brazilian currency is the Real (pronounced “Hay-eyes”) and can be exchange in the airports and hotels in Manaus. Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country, both by size and population, with a population of 201 million. The language spoken is Portuguese – but don’t worry, our English-speaking staff will meet you upon your arrival in the Manaus Airport and see to your every need throughout your stay to Brazil. You will always be within arm’s reach of a translator who speaks both English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Brazil has the greatest biological diversity in the world and reflects a variety of different and unique ecosystems. According to scientific estimates, Brazil is home to approximately 4 million species of plants and animals. There are 3.3 million square kilometers of rainforest within the Brazilian borders – this is about 60% of the total Amazon Rainforest.

Brazil Flag

When do we travel?

Our travel abroad program is offered between the months of March through June. Other dates of travel are available depending on size of group and specific desired dates. (Please call for more information on availability) 

How long will we be gone for?

The study abroad program typically lasts eleven days. See the itinerary below for a full outline of the trip. Please note that day one and day eleven will be used mostly for traveling. On the 11th day of travel you will be back in your home city by early afternoon.

Where are we traveling to?

Your group will be traveling to the Brazilian Amazon. Specifically, you will be around the city of Manaus which is the capital of State of Amazonas.

Brazil Flag

What is our exact itinerary?

1st Day – Travel from your home city to Miami International Airport. You will then board an American Airlines non stop flight to Manaus Brazil. (Approx. 5hr)

  • When you land you will be met by one of Hooked on Adventure’s English speaking representatives at the terminal gate. You will then board a waiting shuttle and be taken to the Amazon Lord for a night of rest.

2nd Day – Presidente Figueiredo Waterfall

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Transfer from the Amazon Lord to the waterfalls via shuttle, this will take about three hours
  • Tour and exploration of the waterfalls
  • Lunch at the Urubui Running Waters
  • There will be a 30 minute hike to the Onca (Jaguar) Waterfalls
  • Tour/exploration of the Onca (Jaguar) Waterfalls
  • Transfer back to the Amazon Lord, this will take about three hours
  • Dinner aboard the Amazon Lord

3rd Day – Navigate to the Satere-mawe tribe on the Ariau River

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Visit with the Satere-mawe villagers and observe part of one of their unique tribal rituals. This ritual lasts 24 hours and consists of a “self-purification” process through the use of ants and costumes
  • Lunch aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Exploration of the streams and tributaries around the Satere-mawe village and fishing for Piranha. Don’t worry, the Piranha are nothing like in the movies – they won’t bother you in the slightest and they are delicious to eat!
  • Dinner aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Caiman spotting after dinner – Caiman are a species related to the alligator, our expert guides who are very experienced in Caiman handling and behavior will be with you every step of the way during this activity. Please keep in mind all you will be doing is looking for them, no one will actually handle the Caiman.

4th Day – Jungle Trekking and Visiting Jungle Villages

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Jungle Trekking in the Pataua forest area under the expertise of a local jungle guide who has lived in this area of the Amazon Rainforest his entire life
  • Visit a family who lives in isolation in the rainforest and learn about their day-to-day life and how they survive using the resources found in the rainforest and its many jungle rivers.
  • Lunch aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Swimming with the Pink River Dolphins – many of our guests are amazed at the intelligence of these graceful creatures
  • Dinner aboard the Amazon Lord

5th Day – Local School and Village Visit

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Visiting a local school for children. You will have a chance to deliver gifts to the school kids during this trip. They would be especially appreciative of colored pencils (crayons don’t do well in the humidity of the Amazon), coloring books, flashcards, rulers, erasers, pens, pencils, and some small toys. If you want to bring these things for the students please pack them in your suitcase as they are hard to find in and around Manaus.
  • Lunch aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Visit the Acajatuba Village which represents an interesting juxtaposition between traditional Amazonian village life and the modern need for economic prosperity. This village has a boat and souvenirs factory yet maintains a traditional village life. This will be a great time to play soccer with the villagers.
  • Navigate to Praia Grande where we will have a luau on a beautiful white sand beach
  • Dinner aboard the Amazon Lord

6th Day-

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Explore the Anavilhanas Arrchipelago which consists of 380 islands
  • Lunch aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Visit the Kambewa’s tribe. This tribe lives on one of the Amazon River beaches and maintains the same traditions they have for many generations.
  • Dinner aboard the Amazon Lord

7th Day-

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Navigate to the Jaraqui River
  • Jungle survival experience under the expertise of an Amazonian native, Mr. Manoel, who will teach us how to make traps to catch small animals, how to start a camp fire, how to erect a jungle tent, and how to capture clean drinking water using just the resources of the rainforest.
  • Lunch aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Visit the Jaraqui’s village where they produce unique local goods for sale to visiting travelers as well as the local markets.
  • Dinner in the Jaraqui’s village
  • Sleep in the Jaraqui’s village (or aboard the Amazon Lord depending on your preference – we of course encourage you to stay in the village so you can experience the amazing sensation of sleeping under the brilliant Amazonian starscape.)

8th Day-

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Visit the Dessano tribe’s “Big House”
  • Participate in a Dessano tribe ritual with the Xama family in which they play different musical instruments and dance to demonstrate the way they have lived for many generations
  • Swimming in the Tupe River – you will be amazed how warm and inviting this beautiful water is.
  • Lunch aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Visit the Rubber Museum (Seringal Vila Paraiso) to learn more about how life used to be in these plantations and how rubber (needed for the Industrial Revolution in Europe) transformed this dense Brazilian Landscape into a booming and prosperous economy.
  • Dinner aboard the Amazon Lord

9th Day-

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Visit and tour of the January Ecological Park. This is an absolutely massive jungle reserve containing a huge amount of biodiversity. We could easily spend the entire ten days in this park and not see anything twice.
  • Lunch aboard the Amazon Lord
  • Tour the Meetings of the Waters, floating village, and fish farm.
  • Dinner aboard the Amazon Lord

10th Day-

  • Breakfast aboard the Amazon Lord
  • City tour of Manaus – Mercado and Opera House
    • We will visit the Mercado at about 7:00 am so that we can observe its boisterous environment. This is a great chance to grasp the importance of exchange rates and barter based economies. The Mercado has many unique fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and wares that can only be found in this corner of Brazil. Be sure to sample the pineapple, many people agree it is the best in the world.
    • The Opera House is a beautiful example of the wealth and affluence that was brought to the Amazon as a result of the Rubber Boom. It is completely adorned in art deco and has housed many world renowned performances.
  • Lunch at the Manaura Mall. We will enjoy a unique Brazilian lunch at this Mall.
  • Visit the CIGS Zoo. We will visit this zoo which has over 30 species of Amazonian animals.
  • Visit Ponta Negra Beach. The Ponta Negra Beach is world renowned for its white sands and stunning beauty.
  • Dinner in Manaus at one of Brazil’s best Churrascaria restaurants, Bufalo's. This is a traditional “Brazilian Barbeque.” You will be brought dozens of varieties of meats and fish. It is a fabulous experience. For those of you who do not want to go to Bufalo's, dinner will be served aboard the Amazon Lord (if enough people wish to stay aboard for dinner).
  • Fly back to Miami International Airport, where we will be staying, this flight leaves the Manaus airport at approx. 12:05 am and arrives in Miami at approx. 5:30 am. You will then board your connecting flight back to your home city depending on domestic airline schedules.

Here is a map which shows our day-to-day travels throughout the areas around Manaus.

Manus Map

What will we be eating?

All of your meals will be provided aboard the Amazon Lord or in Villages. Aboard the Amazon Lord you will be served a Brazilian menu which is catered to the American palate. We have two extremely talented chefs who will cook you exquisite dishes which you will not soon forget. Be sure to try the Piranha soup – it is delicious! Many of our clients rave about our excellent chefs and the fine dining menu they are served.

Who will be traveling with us?

Students and staff, rest assured, you will always be accompanied by Hooked on Adventures staff, translators, and expert guides

Where will we be staying?

You will be staying aboard the live-aboard luxury Yacht, the Amazon Lord I or the Amazon Lord II. There will be two guests per cabin. Each suite accommodates two guests and is equipped with two beds, refrigerator, air conditioner, storage space for your luggage, private bathroom, and private shower with hot and cold running water.

amazon Lord

amazon Lord

What are the accommodations like?

amazon Lord

World class – The Amazon Lord is the epitome of luxury. You will be catered to by private chefs, Maitre d’, on board staff, daily laundry service, daily maid service and expert guides.

boat beds

amazon Lord #4

What is the climate like?

Manaus, Brazil is located 200 miles south of the equator. The daylight remains at a constant 12 hours per day with sunrise and sunset at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, respectively. The temperature ranges from 60-80 degrees at night to 70-95 degrees during the day. Although we will be traveling just before the “rainy season,” rain showers are common and some can even last for a full day or more. Be prepared for weather conditions from hot and dry to wet and windy.

What should I bring?

  • Hats: two (2) baseball-style and/or one (1) large-brim fishing hat.
  • Rain Gear: One (1) quality rain jacket – rain pants are optional.
  • Shirts: One or two (1-2) short sleeve dress shirts if you plan to go to Bufalo's for dinner.
    • Two to three (2-3) sweat resistant/absorbent material t-shirts. Long sleeves work well too because they will protect you from the sun – make sure they are breathable and designed for tropical and/or equatorial climates.
  • Pants: Two (2) pair of long pants.
    • Two (2) pair of fishing or swim style shorts.
    • One (1) or Two (2) pairs of jeans or Khakis for traveling and/or dinner at Bufalo's.
  • Shoes: One to two (1-2) pairs of sneakers, boat shoes and/or sandals. Be sure you bring a pair of shoes to do jungle trekking in. Some people also bring water shoes.
  • Glasses: Two (2) pairs of sunglasses – one as a backup. This is so important! Manaus is so close to the equator that the sun will literally be closer to you!
  • Camera: To take photos of your adventures! Each suite on The Amazon Lord is equipped with electrical outlets, however be sure to bring an adapter kit that is capable of converting 220V or 127V to standard 110V.
  • Medications: Bring those medications that you normally need, i.e. aspirin, Band-Aids, sunblock lotion (SPF 50 +, sunblock lotion is very important!!), your prescription drugs, etc. The Amazon Lord is equipped with a well-stocked first-aid kit for everything from sunburn and blisters to illness or injury. The Amazon Lord will also have on-board medical staff.
  • School Supplies: Will be greatly appreciated by the village kids. They would be especially appreciative of colored pencils (crayons don’t do well in the humidity of the Amazon), coloring books, flashcards, rulers, erasers, pens, pencils, and some small toys. If you want to bring these things for the students please pack them in your suitcase as they are hard to find in and around Manaus.
  • Spending Money: You will need approx. $200.00 in spending money, and approx. $100.00 in gratuity for the on-board staff.
  • Optional: One or two (1-2) bandannas to cover your neck from the sun and/or one or two (1-2) buffs (buffs can be purchased at stores like REI or Fisherman’s Warehouse).

What vaccines do I need to get?

Although not mandatory, it is suggested that you receive a yellow fever and typhoid vaccination. These shots are not mandatory, so please consult with your own physician and follow their own recommendations.

We strongly suggest you get a tetanus shot if you haven’t had one recently. This is just a safety precaution since we will be doing some fishing and fishing involves hooks!

Also, for important documents it is a good idea to make  photocopies of all documents i.e. (passports, driver’s license, flight itinerary, etc.). This way, if you lose your main set of originals you have a backup for emergencies. This can often make a big difference in completing your travel back home.

What sort of paper work and documentation do I need?

A Valid Passport. A valid passport is required for travel to Brazil. Your passport must have an expiration date of at least 6 months past your return date from your trip to Brazil. If you do not already have a valid passport, you should obtain an application and begin the process as soon as possible. Normal processing time of a passport applications is 6-8 weeks. You may obtain a passport application through your local post office. If you do not wish to do the paperwork yourself we suggest using Passport Visas Express. You can visit their website by clicking on this link:

A Valid Brazilian Visa. As a matter of reciprocity a Brazilian Tourist Visa is required for American citizens visiting Brazil. The Brazilian Consulate will permanently stamp your Visa to the inside of your passport and will thus need to physically have your passport for processing.

Please click here for Passports Visas Express – they can handle all of your paperwork and documentation needs.

Please note you will also need the “long-form” version of your birth certificate to get a passport if you do not have one already, if you’ve lost your long-form birth certificate you can receive a new one from the County Clerk’s Office from the county in which you were born.


If anyone needs to get in touch with you while you are traveling with us in Brazil, they can call our state side representative:

Leticia Provinciali at (954-793-0091) or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our office is in contact with the yacht and we can relay any message to you in Brazil very quickly. If you need to contact someone while you are in Brazil, we have a satellite phone on the yacht for customer use. Our manager can assist you with using this phone and can also inform you of the current usage rate.


A fee of $4,450.00, which includes airfare and travel insurance, will be the cost of your Eco-Tour to Brazil. This does not include any administrative/tuition fees which may be levied by your specific college or university. Payment deadline is February 10th, 2015, students who are not paid in full by this date are subject to withdrawal from the program.

A deposit of $1,500.00 is required upon booking your trip. Balance of trip cost is due 120 days prior to travel.

In addition to this cost each student should bring approximately $200.00 in spending money for souvenirs and meals during travel time (i.e. during the flights and layovers from your home city to Manaus and back).

We also ask that you bring $100.00 in gratuity for the yacht staff. This is approx. $10.00 per day for world class service which includes expert guides, 5 star chefs, Maitre d ,and daily maid and laundry service.

If there is anything we can do to assist you in the preparation of your trip to Brazil, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-295-4665. Enjoy your exotic Eco-Tour to Brazil aboard the beautiful Amazon Lord!

Trip Reservation Form:

Please download the PDF form titled Trip Reservation Form (Below). Once downloaded, fill this form out and mail it to the address found at the top of the page. Because of higher than anticipated demand for this trip spots are filling up very quickly, please fill out this form and return it with your deposit check as quickly as possible to guarantee your spot.

Reservation Form

Indigenous Indian village visit
Indigenous Indian village visit
Outdoor market in Manaus
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