Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Trips to the Rio Negro & Rio Madiera in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil

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Another excellent week on the Amazon!  Sand Flats were visible the water was so low.  We certainly had a great group of anglers this week.

Total Fish = 940

Fish 10lbs or bigger=98

10lbs=19                15lbs=7

11lbs=18                 16lbs=5

12lbs=9                   17lbs=3

13lbs=11                   18lbs=6

14lbs=6                  19lbs=5

Trophy Peacocks 20lbs or bigger

20lbers=4   21lbers=2   22lbs=3

This week, our longtime booking agent, Bill Fuchs, spotted a Jaguar, a VERY RARE opportunity.  We think that this big male must have been asleep on the shore after a meal and did not hear the bass boat coming.  Once he heard the bass boat he quickly climbed up this dirt embankment, tumbled down once, then regained his footing and disappeared into the jungle… AMAZING.

Bill Fuch's Jaguar

What a great week!  The water levels were absolutely PRIME.  Anglers experienced some of the BEST top water action that we have seen down in the basin in the last 5-6 years.

Total Fish = 1,085

Fish 10lbs or bigger=102

10lbs= 18                15lbs=6

11lbs= 14                 16lbs=8

12lbs= 7                   17lbs=5

13lbs=3                    18lbs=3

14lbs=11                  19lbs=4

Trophy Peacocks 20lbs or bigger

20lbers=2   21lbers=3   22lbs=1  23lber=2


Booking Agent, Randy Pringle, has done battle with Peacocks!  Maybe next time he should wear a glove when he takes a pic…


This was a FANTASTIC week for numbers as well as some real quality fish. Total count for the week was 917 peacocks for a total of 14 anglers.

Total fish=917

Fish 10lbs or bigger=97

10lbs=6                     15lbs=7

11lbs=14                    16lbs=6

12lbs=10                    17lbs=12

13lbs=10                   18lbs=10

14lbs=7                      19lbs=5

Trophy Peacocks 20lbs or bigger

20lbers=5   21lbers=2   22lbs=1  23lber=1

The biggest fish for the week goes to Brenda Fralick at a WHOPPING 25lbs…Congrats to Brenda on a great job in landing that “Monster Peacock Bass!”

Here is Brenda and Ken Fralick. Notice how Ken insists on squeezing in to the limelight.

Here is Brenda and Ken Fralick. Notice how Ken insists on squeezing in to the limelight.

Total fish caught= 2012

Fish 10lbs or bigger=133 as follows:




To top off the week congratulation to Michael Mehlmann and Rick McCrory for landing 2 monsters at 23lbs each.

Water levels were once again perfect for the clients. The go to baits used were top-water on all the structures and jigs were used as a follow-up bait.

Total fish caught=1698

117 fish 10lbs or bigger as follows:




This week was one of the best fishing weeks we have seen in many years. The water levels were perfect with lots of sand bars and structure to cast to. The female anglers brought with them “LADY LUCK” and managed to catch the biggest fish of the week by trolling our hand-tied jigs.

 Total fish caught- 1039. Our clients had a GREAT week on the upper Rio Negro. Good top-water action as well as a good jig bite. We even had some monsters caught trolling with our hand tied jigs. 68 fish over 10 lbs. including- 10lbers=7..11lbers=12..12lbers=8…13lbers=4…14lbers=6 15lbers=2…16lbers=8…17lbers=5…18lbers=6…19lbers=2 20lbers=3…21lbers=2…22lbers and one monster at 23lbs.CONGRATS TO ALL OUR ANGLERS

Stephen Schreifer, Alan Smith and Doug Knepp hosted this fishing week, December 2 – 10, 2011, and it was such a friendly group!  We had quite a few husband/wife couples which we love to have on our trips.  These ladies really know how to fish (and some outfished their husbands) and brought a lot of laughter to the trip.  (Read the testimonial page from L. Rowan about her getting her “fish pout” on and her first fish wound (what a story!).

Douglas Knepp, a member of our Hooked On Adventures team,  wrote “What a great group of people and adventure this trip turned out to be! Alan Smith and Stephen Schreifer are to be thanked for the anglers they choose to join them on this trip.  It was truly ‘The Trip of a Lifetime’!  Great evenings were enjoyed, after a hard day of fishing, included wine flowing, cigars being lit, and stories plus jokes being shared all around.  It was fantastic!   Stephen Schreifer, a retired USAF colonel, was a true gentleman and a great fishing partner.

Together we fished  beautiful sand bars (some very remote and hidden lakes).  I met a man from CT that ate more grilled Piranha that I could ever imagined, along with some natives in dug out canoes, and witnessed one of the women swimming in the Amazon (above)!  We had long conversations that I feel made a new and lasting friendship.”

Douglas also commented “Randy Liljenquist, of AZ,  is a world class, big game hunter with the bow and arrow. He has taken trophies all over the world, and now I know why! When our Guide, Eddie, spotted a big Peacock moving in a tightly sheltered area, he asked Randy to make a cast to that hole. By my count, Randy made over 50 casts to the hole pulling out a few 3 pounders, a 5 pounder,  a few more 4 pounders…..

…….then came the ‘perfect cast’.

The water boiled, and the fight was on!  For 30 minutes of casting, over and over, Randy’s perfect cast rewarded him with a beautiful 18 pounder!  That’s what you get when you listen to your guide, and the result was a huge fish that was photographed and released! 


Here are our numbers for the week:

Location:  Upper Rio Negro/Amazon/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date: December 2-10, 2011 (fishing 3rd-9th)

Group Size:  16

# of Days:  6 – 6 1/2

                                                 Total Number for Week:   737

                                (33) 10 lbs. – 19 lbs.  and  (3) Peacocks 20 lb. and over

                                      LARGEST FISH CAUGHT WERE (1)  25’s

                         10 lb.’ers – 10,    11 lb.’ers – 7,     12 lb.’ers – 2,     13 lb.’ers – 5,   

                         15 lb.’ers –   2,     16 lb.’ers– 2,     17 lb.’ers–  3,     18 lb.’ers – 1,      

                         19 lb.’ers –    1,    20 lb.’ers – 1,     22 lb.’ers – 1,    25’s – 1.

                                                701 additional fish were caught

Water Level:  Levels were a bit higher than normal for this time of year.

Baits Used:     Lure of choice for this trip were Jigs, however, the biggest fish caught was on a topwater lure.

To this week’s group:  We certainly had a wonderful and fun-filled time with you guys, from the moment you reserved your trip, working with you to get you there, and of course, the great time everyone had on the boat with you all.  Come join us again soon, and thanks for the memories!                                                             


p.s.  Laurie and Kerry, you certainly did bring a lot of laughs to the trip, and just so you know, this is the first time we’ve “ever” seen our guides wear a Santa Claus hat!

Canada’s“Real Fishing, Izumi Outdoors with Bob Izumi” and  TV crew  were on board this trip filming their show with Hooked On Adventures and our Peacock Bass Fishing Adventures on the Amazon.  What a fun trip it was with all these guys, as well as all their Canadian friends that fished with them, and the father and son duo (The Scotts) from New Mexico.  It was a blast and nice to finally put faces with the names. We had a few from our camp as well helping out with things and working hard to make sure everyone had a great time.  We certainly had a great group of guys with us this week!

 Again, sandbars are seen in many places, and we are sailing back into shallow waters to fish. 


Sean Ippolito  (Left)  –   Real Fishing’s TV Host “Bob Izumi”/HOA’s Douglas Knepp (Right) 

Bob Izumi and Guide, “JoJo”

Rick McCrory

Here are our numbers for the week:

Location:            Upper Rio Negro/Amazon River/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date:           November 25 – December 3, 2011

Group Size:         20 Anglers 

# of Days:           6 

                                                  Total Number for Week:   886

                                (26) 10 lbs. – 19 lbs.  and  (6) Peacocks 20 lb. and over 

                                      LARGEST FISH CAUGHT WERE (3)  21’s 


                         10 lb.’ers – 2,    11 lb.’ers – 3,     12 lb.’ers – 12,        13 lb.’ers – 1,    

                         14 lb.’ers – 1,     17 lb.’ers – 3,     18 lb.’ers  –  3,      19 lb.’ers – 1,       

                                                           20 lb.’ers –3,    21 lb.’ers  –  3

Water Level:  Levels were a bit higher than normal for this time of year, but we still had a good fishing week.  Levels continue to decrease a little each day.

Baits Used:     Lure of choice for this trip were “Jigs, Jigs and MORE Jigs”!

We hope to have you guys with us again soon, and thanks for the wonderful camaraderie. We hope to have provided you with some great lifetime memories and a few new fish tales!     ~David McCarthy

015 15 300x198006 62 300x198 

Good news from the Amazon yet again!  Water levels are shaping up very nicely and inching their way down daily on the upper Rio Negro.  Sand flats are visible.   We had to navigate into shallow waters to get into some good fishing areas, and again, sand bars are everywhere.  We certainly had a great group of guys with us this week!

Here are our numbers for the week:

Location:            Upper Rio Negro/Amazon River/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date:           November 18 – November 26, 2011

Group Size:         11 Anglers from group fishing

# of Days:           6


                                               Total Number for Week:   836

                                        34 Fish over 10 lb. and “2” over 20 lb. 

                       LARGEST FISH CAUGHT WAS 23 LBS. BY DOUG KNEPP

                     10 lb.’ers – 11,    11 lb.’ers – 7,     12 lb.’ers – 5,        13 lb.’ers – 3,    

                     14 lb.’ers – 3,      15 lb.’ers – 0,       16 lb.’ers – 1,       17 lb.’ers – 1,   

                     18 lb.’ers – 1,      19 lb.’ers – 0,       20 lb.’ers – 0,      21 lb.’ers – 1,    

                     22 lb.’ers – 0,      23 lb.’ers – 1,       24 lb.’ers – 0! 

Water Level:  Levels were a bit higher than normal for this time of year, but the river still gave up a great fishing week for us to enjoy.                                                                                 

Baits Used:     Lure of choice for this trip were “Jigs, Jigs and MORE Jigs”!

Hats off to the Doctors from Puerto Rico and the Hallfords, as they made the trip a great one. We hope to have you guys with us again soon!     ~David McCarthy, Owner/Operator 

Jaime Aponte ~ 17 lb’er


We have had a great time, and a “great outcome”, on our first trip on the Amazon’s Rio Negro River along with good water levels where we fished.   Our clients are very excited, and seem to be quite pleased, with their fishing experience this round.  We are now heading back to Barcelos for the evening in preparation  for our trip back to Manaus/Miami/home tomorrow.  It was an exciting time here on the Amazon with some terrific anglers and good fun!  We hope to have the same on our next trip out which will be November 18 – 26, 2011. 

 Here are our numbers for the week (more info to come along with some testimonials from the customers and group leader):

Location:      Rio Negro/Amazon River/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date:     November 4 – November 11, 2011

Group Size:    20 Anglers

# of Days:      6

Total Number for Week:   2205

Size:             2126 fish under 10# and….

                     10 lb.’ers – 16,    11 lb.’ers – 13,     12 lb.’ers – 8,    13 lb.’ers – 6,    

                     14 lb.’ers – 4,      15 lb.’ers – 6,       16 lb.’ers – 4,     17 lb.’ers – 3,   

                     18 lb.’ers – 4,      19 lb.’ers – 2,       20 lb.’ers – 5,      21 lb.’ers – 3,    

                     22 lb.’ers – 2,     23 lb.’ers – 0,        and  24 lb.’ers – 1! 

Water Level:  Levels were really good with occasional rain and continuing to get even better each day.

Baits Used:     Lures of choice for this trip were High Rollers and Jigs.

Thanks to all who joined us this trip, and we hope to have you guys with us again soon!

David McCarthy, Owner/Operator

Hooked On Adventures (888).295.4665


Any true angler that has never fished for “Giant Peacock Bass” in the Amazon must absolutely put it on their bucket list!  Those that have had the experience are, no doubt, looking forward to their next opportunity to return.    My trip on the Amazon Santana was not my first time fishing in the Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprised at the comfortable accommodations on the yacht. It “far” exceeded my expectations and was considerably better than previous houseboats from which I had fished on the Rio Negro.

Our group met the Amazon Santana at Barcelos on the Rio Negro, and the crew handled our luggage and rod cases from the time we got off the plane until it was delivered to our cabins. Those that chose not to bring their own rods and reels were provided with good tackle, unlike some of the other trips I had been on.   After a hot buffet lunch, pairs of anglers joined their guides and were able to get in several hours of fishing on arrival day.

The experienced guides, most of whom spoke English, constantly amazed me. Although the Amazon Santana moved each day in order to fish new water,they seemed to know each area like the back of their hands. With no charts, no GPS and no channel markers on the river they navigated the thousands of islands, rivers, lagoons, creeks and hidden lakes in order to seek out the best hot spots.   In addition to catching Speckled, Orinoco and Butterfly Peacocks, we caught numerous other species unique to the Amazon basin which was always fun. Our guide led us to several big Peacocks including a 23, 21, 20 and 19 lb bass. The 20 lb Peacock was caught on fly tackle.

Our week long experience included, on different days, a shore lunch, barbecue dinner on a sand bar, dining under the stars on the top deck, and even an optional visit to a local native village. Except for an occasional fly, mosquitoes and other pesky critters were almost non existent.   Returning to the yacht each day after 10 or 11 hours of fishing, we were met with a cold drink and a welcome cold damp towel.    The food was plentiful and the bar was open all week.

All in all, it was a  great experience which I am looking forward to experiencing again some day.

Mike Leech, Former IGFA President


Location:      Rio Negro/Amazon River/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date:     December 10 – December 18, 2010

Group Size:   17 Anglers

# of Days:      6  – (4 late-arrival anglers fished 5 days only)

Numbers:   779

Size:             10 lb.’ers – 6,    11 lb.’ers – 1,     12 lb.’ers – 2,    13 lb.’ers – 2,

14 lb.’ers – 1, 15 lb.’ers – 4, 16 lb.’ers – 2,     17 lb.’ers – 1,

18 lb.’ers – 2,      19 lb.’ers – 2,       20 lb.’ers – 1, 21 lb.’ers – 2,

22 lb.’ers – 2, 23 lb.’ers – 1,        and  24 lb.’ers – 1

(non-published were under 10#)

Water Level:  Although the water levels were by no means “too” high, the jungle was unusually quiet during our trip.  This might have been one of the reasons that the fishing was a bit slow for this week.

Baits Used:     Lures of choice for this trip were Jumping Minnows, Zara Spooks, and Jigs.

Notes:  All in all, everyone had a good trip and appreciated the efforts of the Guides and Staff.  We received quite a few compliments on the accomodations being great as well as the food, and service, being exceptional.



David McCarthy

Hooked On Adventures, LLC

FISHING REPORT – Week ending 11/14/10 

First, we would like to wish you all a “Happy Holiday Season” and hope to see some of you on our upcoming DECEMBER  31st NEW YEAR’S BASH at the Tropical Hotel in Manaus, Brazil, the night before we leave for our regularly scheduled fishing trip. “Come Celebrate With Us for New Year’s Dinner/Dancing/Drinks/Fireworks on the Beach!!  Hope you all can join us.

Next, let me just say this…… “Wow, as long as I have been in the fishing business (always representing the Santana Yacht Fleet), I have never heard of one of our yachts having a glitch on a fishing trip!”  One minute I am watching the news about the Princess Cruise Line completely breaking down leaving everyone stranded and running out of staples, and the next minute I hear the computer in “our” ship went out.  Needless to say, my head started spinning wondering how David McCarthy (Owner/Operator) was going to maneuver this one (Thank God it was him on the boat and not me having to figure that one out!).   David and his partner immediately summoned a qualified diesel mechanic by way of charter plane at which time he spent the next 4-6 hours trying to remedy the problem.  He quickly went to work only to find out it was a computer problem that could not be fixed in the time frame nor the location in which the yacht was currently positioned.   Having only moved approximately 40-50 miles north of Barcelos, we realized we were going to have to improvise to have a successful trip.   We thought we would hire another boat to try and move the yacht up river, but when all efforts failed due to the weight of the Mothership, we were pulling our hair out trying to figure out any remedy that would work for our clients.    David immediately sent to Barcelos for additional gasoline for the bass boats, as well as instructed all the Guides to fish their clients until 6 o’clock each night. 

Well, as usual, David was making sure everyone had some good food (you “know” you’re going to get a good breakfast with this guy on board because it’s “his” favorite meal of the day i.e. pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, and goodness knows what else).  

 Well, there are just things in life sometimes (especially in the Amazon) that make you go “hmmmmmm?”   However, our courteous staff was wonderful as usual doing all they could to keep everyone happy and satisfied, along with Harry being his awesome entertaining self and great host.

 In closing, and “against all odds”, our knowledgeable Guides and experienced Anglers pulled off some very good fishin’! 

TESTIMONIAL:  “A wonderful and amazing fishing excursion to the Amazon was provided to me by the staff and guides aboard the Belle Amazon and Hooked On Adventures!  We experienced a few mechanical problems aboard the Belle Amazon, but the staff came through for us and got us to the hot fishing by hook or by crook!  I had a teener (or above) landed each day, so I am looking forward to the next trip to do a repeat.  I would definitely book with Hooked On Adventures again.  They really out did themselves in service and knowledge of the best fishing locations!    Thanks, Hooked On Adventures and Belle Amazon staff,  for an experience of a lifetime!”    –  Jay Hastings         

(Check out Jay’s 24 lb.’er)

Location:      Rio Negro/Amazon River/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date:     November 5 – November 14, 2010 

Group Size:   17 Anglers

# of Days:      6

Numbers:   1745

Size:             10 lb.’ers – 14,    11 lb.’ers – 5,     12 lb.’ers – 8,    13 lb.’ers – 3,    

                     14 lb.’ers – 4,      15 lb.’ers – 4,       16 lb.’ers – 5,     17 lb.’ers – 5,   

                     18 lb.’ers – 6,      19 lb.’ers – 0,       20 lb.’ers – 3,      21 lb.’ers – 1,    

                     22 lb.’ers – 3,     23 lb.’ers – 1,        and  24 lb.’ers – 1! 

                    (non-published were under 10#)

Water Level:  Levels were extremely low this round (even though I’ve heard rumors that we here at Hooked On Adventures have control of water levels and weather and can even perform miracles ::laughing::).  Hey!  They still caught good numbers!

Baits Used:     Lures of choice for this trip were High Rollers and Jigs.

**We’re gearin’ up now for our next trip December 10th where we will be sailing the Mothership, the “Amazon Santana”.  Stay tuned for the next fishin’ report., and again, “Happy Holidays to you and Yours. We value and appreciate our fishin’ family”!

Pamelah Howard, Director of Sales & Marketing

Let’s keep it simple… 10 anglers fishing 6.5 days on the Rio Negro from the Belle Amazon mother ship caught 1440 Peacock Bass up to a 23.5# Monster landed by first time Amazon angler Kent Standerfer on the first day! Now that’s an initiation! A total of 71 fish over 10# including 21 “teeners” and 7 over 20# produced the top 5% for the week.

Fishing conditions varied over the week due to localized weather conditions and rising water the last three days. The first three days of the week were certainly the most productive. Fish were positioned near main river sandbars as well as sandbars developing around the entrances to the lagoons and in river bends. Secondary location patterns found fish located along lagoon edges often relating to isolated wood features. Minimal early fry balls were observed but a few were productive for larger fish.

Productive Lures for the week included HighRoller Riprollers in Fire Tiger and Halloween; KLures “Grande Ripper” and “Chico Ripper” in Clown and Jacunda; Jigs in Red and White or Yellow and Red.

Well, we’ve kicked off our 2010/2011 season with a GOOD FISHING REPORT!

FISHING REPORT – Week ending 10/1/10

Location:      Rio Negro/Amazon River/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date:     September 24, 2010 Week

Group Size:   18 Anglers

Numbers:    2361

Size:             10 lb.’ers – 21,    11 lb.’ers – 10,     12 lb.’ers – 11,    13 lb.’ers – 7,    

                     14 lb.’ers – 6,      15 lb.’ers – 7,       16 lb.’ers – 5,     17 lb.’ers – 5,   

                     18 lb.’ers – 6,      19 lb.’ers – 6,       20 lb.’ers – 5,      21 lb.’ers – 4,    

                     22 lb.’ers – 2,     23 lb.’ers – 1,        and  24.5 lb.’ers – 1!

                    (non-published were under 10#)

Water Level:  Water levels were terrific on our first week with some awesome fishing! 

Baits Used:     Lures of choice for this trip were Woodchoppers, High Rollers and Jigs.

Owner/Operator, David McCarthy attended this trip.  He commented on the excellent water conditions and the fish were staging themselves into the primary and secondary points leading into the lagoons and off the main channels.  Regarding the yacht and overall trip, everyone had a good time!  David and some helpful friends and customers, helped bring the goodies over for the Chef to whip up a great addition to breakfast and everyone enjoyed their pancakes and goodies.  We will now have homemade tortillas to load fresh fish into as the kitchen staff is really at its best this year!  (mmmm).   

**Group Leader’s comments:  To be announced when Group Leader returns to the U.S.

FISHING REPORT – Week ending 2/13/10

Location:      Rio Negro/Amazon River/Manaus Brazil

Trip Date:     February 5, 2010 Week

Group Size:   18 Anglers

Numbers:      1489

Over 20#:     12 over 20 pounds

Water Level: Lower water levels with awesome fishing!

Baits Used:   Small Baits were catching the numbers and size of fish this round.  Jumping Minnows were lures of choice for this trip!

**Group Leader’s comments:  I’ve been an outfitter for many years, and I have to say that for this particular fishing week of the year, it is “close to the best” if not “THE BEST” fishing we’ve had.  Even though the water level was a little low, the fish were hitting hard and fast!  We really enjoyed our trip and the staff, and it was a true pleasure meeting the new Owner, David McCarthy and look forward to doing future business with him**   Bill Fuchs, Wilderness Taxidermy & Outfitters

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